No Wires Are Required! Future Pressure Monitoring Easy Measurement with Bluetooth Connection

Watchlog Bluetooth ® is a new generation of short-range wireless pressure sensor compatible with Apple iOS, Android mobile devices, iPads and Android tablets.
A convenient free app developed in-house allows users to create custom projects and customizable dashboards that display metrics and log data.
Up to 12 pressure sensors can be monitored at one time on a single device or multiple devices up to 10 times per second, and distances can be transmitted up to 90 meters on the latest devices. Applications: Oil, Water, Air and Gas
The power supply is two AA batteries. (Battery life table posted in FAQ)

Watchlog Bluetooth

Received on
iPhone / Android
Windows Tablet



October 23, 2020 New release! Started handling Bluetooth wireless pressure gauge
November 16, 2020 Started free demonstration unit



Specification Features

Free app for iOS and Android that allows you to browse and record data
Create custom projects/dashboards
Free Watchlog measurement and Windows PC software logging
Display up to 12 pressure sensors at once
One sensor to multiple, multiple sensors to one, or multiple to multiple
Data transmission distance up to 90 m (depending on devices)
Selectable scanning rate of 100ms ... 25s
Standard battery powered (2xAA batteries)
Password protection

0 ~ 25bar, 0 ~ 160bar, 0 ~ 400bar, 0 ~ 700bar

Hydraulic Equipment


Construction Machinery




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