Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: How secure is Watchlog Bluetooth?
A: Watchlog Bluetooth employs multiple layers of PINs. If you do not know the PIN, you cannot access this level of communication. The View PIN is required to view any data from the transmitter. The Configuration PIN is required to connect to the module and change settings in it. The Calibration PIN is required to access or change calibration data.

Q: What battery life can I expect?
A: The following table offers a guide to the expected battery with the module running at different Data Rates and Resolution settings using 2xAA Energizer L91 Batteries.

Data Rate 14.25 bits 15.25 bits 16 bits 16.5 bits 16.75 bits
1/10seconds 8years 6.5years 4.5years 3.5years 3years
1/5seconds 4years 3years 2years 1.5years 1year
1/2seconds 20months 16months 11months 8months 6months
1/1second 10months 8months 5months 4months 3months
3/1second 3.5months 2.5months 2months 1.5months 1month
5/1second 2months 1.5months 1month 26days 21days
10/1second 1month 24days 17days 13days 10days
Sleep > 10years
NOTE: As standard units come supplied at 14.25 bits Resolution and a Data Rate of 1 per second.

Q: What countries can I use Watchlog Bluetooth in?
A: Watchlog Bluetooth is approved for wireless transmission in the following geographic areas. Europe, North America including Canada, Asia and Japan

Q: How many transmitters can I display?
A: We would recommend no more than 12.

Q: What transmission distances can I expect for my device?
A: Some examples are:

  • Apple iPhone 7(model 2016)→90m
  • Apple iPhone 5s(model 2013)→65m
  • Samsung Galaxy S6(model 2015)→65m
  • HTC One m8(model 2014)→25m
  • HTC One m7(model 2013)→25m


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